Irene H. Yen, PhD, MPH

Photograph of Irene Yen

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine, UCSF

Dr. Yen is a social epidemiologist with research expertise in survey design and development and qualitative research methods. Her research focuses on the social determinants of health, with emphasis on how neighborhood environment influences health behaviors and health status. She is the principal investigator of three projects, two that were recently completed, that investigate neighborhood environment and health. One project focuses on older adults from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds. The other two projects study how city planning policies and neighborhood environmental characteristics influence the diet and physical activity behaviors of girls.

Contact Information

3333 California Street, Suite 335
Campus Box 0856
San Francisco, CA 94143-0856

Phone: 415-502-7046
Fax: 415-502 8291

Web site: UCSF Department of Medicine - Division of General Internal Medicine

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