Jyu-Lin Chen , RN, PhD, FAAN

Photograph of Jyu-Lin Chen

Associate Professor
Department of Family Health Care Nursing
UCSF School of Nursing

Dr. Chen's program of research focuses on the impact of family and socio-cultural factors on Chinese and Chinese-American children’s health and healthy behaviors, especially overweight in school-age children. Her research focuses on child-centered and family-oriented methods from a bio-behavioral model. Variables investigated include physical activity, physical fitness, dietary behavior, coping, parental health behaviors, Chinese parenting style, and family functioning as antecedents to childhood overweight. It aims to develop cultural and developmental appropriate intervention programs to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent overweight among Chinese-Americans.

Contact Information

2 Koret Way, Nursing Room 405L
University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94143-0606

Ph: 415-502-6015
Fax: 415-753-2161
Email: Jyu-Lin.Chen@ucsf.edu

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