Kristine A. Madsen, MD, MPH

Photograph of Kristine Madsen

Assistant Professor
Pediatrics, UCSF

Dr. Madsen is a pediatrician and research scientist with expertise in the design and evaluation of interventions related to pediatric obesity. She has directed clinic- and community-based studies aimed at increasing physical activity and reducing obesity among children of diverse backgrounds. She is currently conducting research related to Physical Education in schools and students' commute patterns to and from school, as well as the impact of after-school programs on child health. She has worked with state-wide data from the California Healthy Kids Survey to examine trends in physical activity and emotional well-being among Californa's youth. Dr. Madsen is also the Principal Investigator on grants from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the American Heart Association to study interventions to reduce health disparities and improve child health. She recently completed a study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that examine the impact of school-based BMI screening on pediatric obesity.

Contact Information

University of California, San Francisco
Campus Box 0503
3333 Calif. St,Laurel Heights, Room 250E
San Francisco, CA 94143

Phone: 415-514-2445

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