The Mind-Gut Connection

Watch SSEW Center Executive Director Amanda Gilbert speak with SSEW 2016 Symposium keynote speaker Dr. Emeran Mayer discuss his upcoming book, entitled "The Mind-Gut Connection." 

"The Mind-Gut Connecion" by Dr. Emeran Mayer


Part I. Our Body the Intelligent Supercomputer
Chapter 1 The Mind-Body Connection Is Real
Chapter 2 Gut Reactions: How the Mind Communicates with the Gut
Chapter 3 Gut Sensations: How Your Gut Talks to Your Brain
Chapter 4 Microbe-Speak: A Key Component of ht Gut-Brain Dialogue

Part II. Intuition and Gut Feelings: How the Mind-Gut-Microbiome Communication Informs Our Everyday Decisions
Chapter 5 Unhealthy Memories: The Effects of Early Life Experiences on the Gut-Brain Dialogue
Chapter 6 A New Understanding of Emotions
Chapter 7 Understanding Intuitive Decision Making

Part III. How to Optimize Brain-Gut Health
Chapter 8 The Role of Food: Lessons from Hunter-Gatherers
Chapter 9 The Onslaught of the North American Diet: What Evolution Did Not Foresee
Chapter 10 The Simple Road Toward Wellness and Optimal Health