Nancy Adler, PhD

Nancy E. Adler, PhD

Photograph of Nancy Adler

Co-Director, COAST

As director of CHC, Dr. Adler fosters interdisciplinary research, bridging social, clinical and basic sciences. Understanding the etiology and treatment of obesity requires such an interdisciplinary approach. Although not an identified obesity researcher, Dr. Adler was a pioneer in bringing together researchers and clinicians to develop COAST, which is now supported by and housed in the CHC.

Dr. Adler's current research is in two areas: reproductive health, and socioeconomic status and health. In the first, she is examining the extent to which perceptions of the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy influence adolescent sexual behavior. She is also heading a program project studying psychosocial, social and medical aspects of infertility treatment. In the second area, she leads a multidisciplinary, international research group that is examining the mechanisms by which socioeconomic status (SES) influences health. The research group is particularly interested in the role of SES-related exposure to stress and the "wear-and-tear" on the body of repeated adaptations.

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